Emoticons - pls add ones that u know

An emoticon is a textual portrayal of a writer's mood or facial expression.

In todays world we write so many emails; sms & chats that we have to use emoticons to express our facial expression or wirte short forms for various words. This gives a funky & interesting look to our messages.

I think we should compile EMOTICONS at one place that we generally use. Listed below are the few that I have come across. Please add as many emoticons as you know.

:-) :] (^_^) (^-^) (^ ^) (^.^) smiley or happy face

XD laughing, big grin

:c frown

(<_>) sad

(-_-) upset, sighing

(\_/) evil, furious

D: awestruck, frightened, severely sad

(>_<) (>.<) in pain, frustrated

;-) *) (`_^) (^_~) wink

:Þ :b tongue sticking out, blowing a raspberry

:-O (O_O) surprise, shock

:\ skeptical, annoyed, uneasy

:l expressionless, indifferent

:X :# sealed lips, embarrassed

:-* (^3^) kiss

:-@ :@ >:o XO angry, yelling

0:) Innocent

<3 heart, love

:'( (;_;) (T_T) (ToT) crying

d^_^b d-_-b listening to music, thumbs up

(>^^)> <(^^<) hugging

(^o^) singing, laughing

\(^o^)/ excited

(-_-) (~_~) (~.~) (=_=) annoyed, tired, grumpy

(^_^') ^_^" nervous, sweat-drop, embarrassed

(¬_¬) rolling eyes

(<_<) (>_>) (c_c) disbelief, looking around shiftily

:-S :s (o_O) (o_0) o.O confused, surprised, disturbed

:-| (._.) (,_,) disappointed, bitter

(-.-)zzZ -_-zzZ sleeping

|-) sleepy

(X_X) dead

v(^_^)v peace

(H) (h) hot

(A) (a) angel

:-# :-$ don’t tell anyone

8-| nerd

:-* secret telling

:^) I don’t know

<:o) party

:-D :D open mouthed

:-$ or :$ embarrassed

8o| baring teeth

^o) sarcastic

+o() sick

*-) :-? thinking

8-) eye rolling

[-( not talking

:-h waving

:-c call me

(:| yawn

=P~ drooling

:^o liar

;;) batting eye lashes

:"> blushing

>:) devil

gr8 great

it's emoticon to begin with...

secondly, this is really rubbish. If you remove the text in front of the emoticons, i think 95% of them would not mean anything...

Good Innovation.....!

Good job

I like it, where did you get all these from?

Nice!I Hope They Can Be used on wp in near Future I Like :) and :-*

don't add all those atleast just add some more basic emoticons.