Electricity prices r goin to increase

congratulations.......another shocking news....it is confirmed that electriciy prices r goin to increase by 1.2 to 2.5 rs per unit depending upon the region.....in islamabad iesco is the electric supply authority so here the increase will be 1.27rs per unit....similarlly different rates will apply in different regions between range of 1.2 to 2.5 rs per unit....

and also congrats

loadshedding has started again

again that burning of bills and hangamay....

Plus the 40% amount that was deducted from our last months KESC bill, is back as arrears... Cheats!!!


There was no reduction in those bills. The charges stand but the difference is now distributed over three months.

^ True. What the hell are these guys doing? Does anyone smell Martial Law already?

Actually in Karachi, the bills were taken to KESC office, where they reduced the bills by 40%.

But the suckers, just added the entire 40% as arrears in this months bill.

This government has assassinated innocents like you and me :(

Conspiracy Theory:

there is not much shortage of power in Karachi but KESC is just over exaggerating it so that they can increase tariffs

Hurray! Government is working hard to increase the rate of our slow-crawling-painful-bleeding death. Thank you, I love you government.

At last, soon enough, we'll be out of all problems and misery of this s**t life :)

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I want to Weep........... Luddi Hy Jamalo Pao Luddi Hy Jamalo ............ hehehehe.

Government is trying to wipe out poors and not poverty :)

For once I would like to see an honest politician who takes a 30-40K salary and makes do in it. No perks, no benefits. Mere lump sum salary.

already units beyond 700 i think is for 7.6+ Rs

than what illl poor ppl do

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For once I would like to see an honest politician who takes a 30-40K salary and makes do in it. No perks, no benefits. Mere lump sum salary.

I believe Mush was close enough to that person that you imagine as being our leader. I am sure he wasn’t an angel either but he was damn close. At least, I have never a leader as dedicated as Musharraf so far in my life time.

The day he left, I knew that Pakistan is now a yateem with Zardari and Nawaz as its guardians and that of course was the ultimate new that convinced me that living in Pakistan is one option I don’t want anymore.

Pakistan ZindaBad

relax guys UAE just gifted us 300 mw power plant, sount korean company ready to get started on new 3000 MW power project

basha dam + korean company project + uae gift =7800 MW shortage is 3000mw beside that 12 projects of power production undergoin......

we all have to wait...... ( UPS rocks)

our leaders just make agreements like these but they are not gonna happen at least 1 year and who thinks that they will do it after 1 year we all have already many promises from them which are never gonna happen until our country get another bless in the form of army from God

well we should swtch to alternative source of energy like solar or wind