Electrical Wiring Experiences: Pakistan Cable vs. Pioneer


Any experiences worth recounting? I am in the middle of a few projects where I am putting new electrical wiring in; obviously due to quality issues products such as Million cable etc... is not being considered, and while Pakistan Cable is considered the best completely undisputedly, I am wondering if there is any reason NOT to go with Pioneer cables, which I am told is as good as Pakistan Cable whilst being 10-15% cheaper on the whole.


I have used Pakistan Cables in my home because my father had used it when he was building his home. You can say that I grow up with Pakistan Cables around me (of course in walls).

I have also used other electric cables from good ones to cheap ones but for small wiring that is not hidden in walls.

The most culprit in electric cables is insulation. Copper is important but overrated as all cables use approximately similar percentages.

The rule that I learnt from my father is to never ever put extra load on cable. Try not to put load over 50% (70% max.) of ratings of cable (giving extra Rs. 100 in electricity bill every month is saver from electric fire).

Always use superior quality circuit breakers. When wires get hot (due to resistance) the insulation get wear-tear. After years, insulation will get into so much bad state that it can create accidents that nobody is expecting.

No matter which cable you use, don't put too much load on it. And please use highest quality imported circuit breakers and have rated for the load you are going to put on that wire. For that you are going to need a very good electrician or electric company to calculate all these things for you.


Not to concerned, we over-spec the wire relative to the loads and everything is done beyond what would be considered high-standard here in Pakistan as far as wiring integrity and installation. The reason I was curious was that there is a price difference between Pioneer / Pakistan Cable and on the face of it, I can't see the justification. The insulation is the same and the copper seems to be equally as good, so is there any reason to not go for Pioneer is what I was asking.


Like any business, Pakistan Cable are cashing their good will, good name, and their good history of business. Pioneer are trying to cut in and get market share that's why they have reduce their prices to become competitive because Pioneer knows that there is no other easy way get new customers.

I would say that you should ask from shopkeepers or salesmen about any complaints about Pioneer's cables. Maybe experienced electrician may also tell about their experiences.


I had good experience with Pakistan Cables and HM Cables. Don't have experience of using Pioneer cables.


Everybody shop keeper will recommend pakistan cables but there are also different qualities in these cables