Eid Mubarak



Eid Mubarak Guys :)


deffury nailed it :lol:

Eid Mubarak everyone :)


Eid mubarak to all members;ok make it nation;yaar make it all muslim ummah. =D


Eid mubarak to all..


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i was hugging my little brother today after Eid prayer he is 10 years old after hugging him he watched me with serious eyes and said "lala yeh kia ker rahay ho " after that each time i wish some one eid and hug him it reminds me of his that comment lolz

BTW Happy Eid Mubarik to All Boys and Girls of Wired Pakistan .


Eid Mubarak to all and ASMAR


Eid Mubarak to All Wp members :P


^ Eid's over already


Eid mubarak to all!


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^ Eid’s over already

There is an “Arabian” saying about Eid, the extract of the saying is that The Real Eid is Ramazan, Because the Eid we celebrate on 1st Shawal is for few moments only where as in Ramzan we celebrate Sehri and Aftari, and trawih every day and every moment… And for a muslim if he fulfill all orders of Allah and follow the sunnat e Rasool (S.A.W.W) every day is eid.

More over in Pakistan we have also extended Eid -ul- Fitar for 3 days, with the addition of “TARO” and “MARO” :D, So, my “Mubarakbad” is justified i think :D


Who cares when Eid is started or over. :)

I am bit late but Eid Mubarik to everyone. :)

I hope that everyone had enjoyed their Eid :)


According to religion, Eid-ul-fitr is of only one day

Eid-ul-azha is of 3 days

But still, khair mubarak to everyone


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Eid-ul-azha is of 3 days


Its for 2.5 Days :D


Eid Mubarak To All Frnd From Me Too & Sorry For Late Reply :P