Edge coverage

i live in miani and there is no dsl or wateen coverage and also no mobile company is giving edge coverage only telenor is giving edge coverage but outdoor coverage in both side of miani 3 or 4 kilometer away. how can it possible to get telenor edge coverage inside miani plz help me

^ There is a inexpensive device available in "mobile markets" of major cities. It's a kind of signals booster. If you can't find it in your local market then you might have to go to closet major city's "mobile market".

The device is simple and has different names, it's a cellphone signal booster for inside a building (like an home or office).

What you do that you setup TV antenna on your building's roof, connect 75ohm ~ 60ohm coaxial wire (common cable-TV wire) to TV antenna, other end of that cable goes inside your home and you hook that device ("signal booster") to cable. Place/attach your cellphone to that device and you'll get quite a lot more signals.

If you can't find that device then try to describe to shopkeeper what I have just described above, he'll understand.

The only downside is that while that device and cable is "attached" to your cellphone, you can't move too much freely. But for EDGE/internet usage, it's perfect.

Do tell us with your progress and whether "device" worked for you or not. :)

i have no telenor signal problem i am only not getting edge coverage inside miani