Earthquake at 1:25AM Jan 4

So I was on my bed eating something, and reading ET's article on Asus P6T when I felt it, and then it got really strong, but not as much as October one I guess. Though I might have felt more as I was on second floor, but it sent everyone else out of their rooms in my hostel, so it was not a small one either. I am in lahore btw

How did you felt it?

where are you living? be safe dude.

Oh man it was very strong in abbottabad.. :( It refreshed the memories of 2005 earthquake.

No one except me felt it in my home .. didnt feel that strong to me but several news channels are saying it was 5.9 on the Richter scale

tmr it was strong.I was like slipping from the chair :(

be safe guys. epicenter was hindukash, it was 5.9 on r scale according to geo.

keep praying. i felt nothing here in khi though. :)

I am currently in sheikhupura.

didn't felt it very strong but it was about of 5 to 8 sec. thanks Allah, it was not very strong here. and may be dvbox is right it could be strong there.

keep pakistan safe, Allah.

Its raining and raining , I was like going to sleep but neend urh gai :D

A strong one apparently hit Indonesia in sea a few minutes earlier. Lets hope a tsunami doesn't follow

Felt it too..... it was mild/noticeable

May ALLAH protect everybody, everywhere.

hainnnnnnn!!!!!!! didnot felt any thing and iam on my chair since 1 am although it has been reported but seriosly didnot felt any thing nor someone felt in my house becuase every one is sleeping

Didn't felt it here in fsd

maybe someone else in the house would have noticed it but I was deep asleep

i felt it too.

thought it a nuclear strike which is to be followed by a shock wave. luckily it wasn't it.

i just sleept at 1:00am after ending an indiana movie

so didnt felt it

i dont think a person can wake up from sleep by a mild earth quake...

pretty strong, felt it in bed in Islamabad.

10-15 seconds max.

strong shocks in isb...i was enjoyin loadshedding at that time :)

may ALLAH forgive us n prevent us frm all disasters..AAMEN

I was sound sleeping and felt nothing. Need something much stronger to wake me up from sleep :P

Ohhhh. no man.

it's better you felt nothing but dont expect more stronger again.

May Allah keep us safe from any disaster. and give us a comfort in this country.

Scared the hell out of me. May Allah have mercy on us.

Each of us will die at the time already selected by Allah. Then why live in fear, live the life you have. Take a deep breath and thank Allah for having that life up to that moment.