Earth wiring in house (need help)

Hello there i need help regarding the wiring of earth in my house

few days ago i called electrician to do UPS wiring and he told me that earth wires are not present in house........ my (old)original electrician says there is earth wiring done he showed me a green wire in main distribution box also there is also earth leakage installed in my house it trips when there is short circuit or water in cables but few times when i got shock from wires the main didnot how can i check wheather circuit is grounded or not i mean is it necessary for green wires to be in every connection or just one wire from main can be used to earth......... sorry i have no knowledge of electricity circuits so please help me if some one knows .............. In room only postive and negative wire go no wire for earth.............

In a home earth can be done by three ways

1. join a wire to main water supply pipe of your home and use it as earth.

2. join a wire to electric pole near to your house that is also source of earth.

3. join a wire to iron bars of home that are used during building home in pillars the iron bars of pillars are all interconnected with each other and also inside the ground so the iron bars can also be used as earth.


yes sir it can be done like that but my question is that is it necessary to have earth wire in every switch or just one wire from main distribution board connected to a earth point will do the job? i mean does a earth wire have to be there in every switch ?........

We have a green wire (earth) present in each switch

panel, spread over the house. In each instance, the

electrician has tied it to one of the metal screws that

secures the switch panel to the metal receptacle that

was placed into the concrete wall.

In larger (power) switch plates there is a designated

opening for receiving the "earth" wire, in addition to

the "live" and "neutral", and he has used that instead

of tying it to a screw.

I am not an electrician, but intuitively, I would think that

you would need to have a ground wire connected to each

switch panel, in order to keep it in the loop. I have seen

the wiring being done in three houses lately and it was

the same SOP in all of them: green goes everywhere.




Sheikh 'Wallahu Alam' Chilli

not must to have in each and every switch / socket , one earth wire properly fixed / attached is enough for the whole house.