E2220+ Asus P5QL-CM+2GB Corssair DHX 800

want to sale following items:


Intel 2.4, used and overclokced to 3.31 (but wd CM Sphere)

Condition is great, no warrenty but box is there .

Heat sink is intel's original but fan is local and the attacher to cooler are missing.

Demand is 4,500/- (final)

Asus P5QL-CM

Purhcased in cuurent month

Full warrenty

All Accessoires and Box

New one 8,200

Demand is 7,000 (Final)

2GB Corssair DHX 800

Full warrenty


New one 3,150

Demand is 3,000

Reason for sallieng: Switching Platform

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