Dynamic DNS

A.O.A all....i use a full home n office network...n operate both through ma TP-link Wifi router....the router is on full load...using its on DHCP server...full firewall securities ....MAC filtering IP filtering....therefore a full corporate network is working on it.....i've to monitor the statistics of the router n some times to diagnose a problem if any...so i want it to do over internet..there is an option in it to use it through internet but a service is required...anyone has an idea??? how to use it n FREE...do hit back ASAP.

Hello anyone....>!!!!!!

Try using any of dyndns, DNS-o-Matic, easydns, everydns, no-ip.com, etc.

many routers now comes with Built In DynDNS service, you just have to signup there are create a Host , then Use login details to Your Router Settings,

if Your Router doesnt support dyndns you can still use it by downloading their client