DVD Overburning

okay i know its possible. i have enabled it nero's configs too. but every time it starts to burn it fails to do so in the initial stages... why??

i have seen pirated rainbow center dvds to hold 4700mb of data. once i was trying to make a copy of one of those movies which comes in DVD-Rs these days but nero refused sayin that there isnt space????

how to enable over burn... i m just tryin to burn only a few extra mbs.. nero says overburn is possible till 4600mb i am tryin only around 4500 but still nadda...


and if its a dvd burner firmware issue there must be a way to resolve that cuz i remember a few years back i had tweak my old dvd rom to read a japanese dvd...

i googled it alot but all of the forums i went too are still unsloved...

WTF????? where are my homies????

Not all burners are able to successfully overburn discs. It also varies with the disc quality in use.

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WTF??? where are my homies???

these forums are dying… the only section that is active is the internet provider section in which only ptcl’s thread is always active… the rest of the board is dying a quick death… i may have to switch to pakgamers.com permanently

yar those overburned dvds must be silver one's

and those silver one's will be dual layer one's

regular data dvd can carry about 4400mb of data and no more than dis due to short leadout writing.... which is nescessary..

I have done it many times. Your hardware (writer), software and disc must support this. I do not use Nero but I had seen my friend over burning using Nero 6 (couple of years ago).

I use ImgBurn but most Pakistani are so much used too of Nero that they can't go to new softwares.

Remember to use high quality discs. I mostly use jeweled case TDK or Sony's discs. Most of cheap unbranded Chinese-made bundled discs have too little extra rim to properly over burn.

okay.. i got a sony 100dvd pack gifted to me frm my uncle in dubai so i dont think quality of dvd will b the issue... ill sure as hell try this ImgBurn thin.... n for the the dvd i was tlkin abt it was a simple chinese one burnt in rainbow center for sure.. it was part a collection of FRIENDS series which i borrowed and wantd to keep a copy...

^ That is a stack of 100 DVD disc. Dubai get all the same products (including from China too) that Pakistan have.