Duplicity - a great movie about Industrial Espionage

a nice movie with a different kind of role played by Julia Roberts.

there is a lot of Twist in the movie.

the movie is basically about Industrial Espionage.


Yeah, I loved that movie, just saw it 2 days ago.

i think there is a movie thread

where u post the last movie u watched and reviews about it........

^yes but its not a bad idea to discuss a certain better than usual movie in a separate thread.

i liked the movie, not one my favorites but i loved the characters. but i think both the main lead characters were confusing from the beginning. the story was good, the end was excellent. overall i would say one of the better movies i've seen recently.

Yes,a good movie with lots of twist, 6/10 on my side.

Too much dots to connect......plus the lengthy runtime makes it a pretty average movie.....the movie was a mind tease throughout......6/10 from me too.....

IMO, it was nothing special 5/10

downloading, though I don't like any Julia Roberts movie...but still lets c

great movie with a twist at the end,,,

The movie sucked.

Sure it had a good idea....but the plot was put together so haphazardly, that it was confusing at times.

Oh and Julia Roberts is like the worst actress everrrrrrrr :P

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downloading, though I don’t like any Julia Roberts movie…but still lets c

She looks so old! What is with hollywood and 50 year old heroines?

4/10 :/