Dual core 2 Or core 2?

i am using Dell (Opteplex 320) 3.6ghz 1gbram.this system Contains ATI Chep .serves tag no 95GKTC1. But i dont know is this computer is dual core 2 Or core 2 duo.in bios setup one option is that.hyper trading technology option.thay are alredy in off.if i on this option so thay showing in my computer properties prosserser 3.6 +3.6ghz pls tell me what is this system? i will be lot of thanks

Are you sure its 3.6Ghz and not 1.6Ghz E2140(Pentium Dual Core). And I think it might be hyper threading, but IIRC, E2140 doesn't have hyper threading.

yes it is Oregnal 3.6GHz Include hyper trading technology with ATI Chep

download a software called cpu-z,,,,,,,,, run it and it will tell you the information you want

here is the website


What you have is a single core processor. Its probably a pentium 4.

HT is basically a way for the CPU to give the illusion to software that it is a dual core CPU. In reality it has just one core or execution engine. It tries to accept multiple threads of instructions in the hope that some of those threads might use different parts of the single core and thereby could be run simultaneously resulting in faster performance.

u hav a 3.6ghz p4 HT processor...neither dual core nor core 2 duo :)

OH correct it man its hyper threading. And poton12 has told you the truth! dont be scared!

U have already mentioned it 3.6ghz.. How do ya know den ? its a single core dude.. system information doesnt provide mixed results as u have mentioned 3.6....

Yeah, its a single core P4 with Hyper-Threading, not a multi-core system