Dual core 1.6 vs p4 3.2 ht


wanna know which one is better???


p4 3.2 Ghz ht


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p4 3.2 Ghz ht

hey Sad would you plz explain a little. coz i’ve read reviews on net which got me confused coz some are saying 3.2ht is better and some saying 1.6 dual core is better


If it was a core 2 duo with some good amount of cache and other improvements, I'd say it is better. But if it's a dual core 1.6, then I'd bet on 3.2HT.

Do you intend to play games?


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If it was a core 2 duo with some good amount of cache and other improvements, I’d say it is better. But if it’s a dual core 1.6, then I’d bet on 3.2HT.

Do you intend to play games?


yes ofcourse. Actually i’ve an offer to get my board and processor exchanged. Currently I’ve got d865PERL, 3.2 ht, 1gb (512MB * 2) ddr1 dual channel 400 bus and offer is to exchange it with d945gccr , 1.6 dual core, 1GB ddr2 (512MB *2) 533 bus.

Now u tell me which is beter


The dual core has two cores but P4 processor has higher clock speed, so make your choice based on how you intend to use the processor. I think for multitasking dual core has definite edge over single core processors especially if it has a big cache.


I use a P4 3.2, a Q6600 a T7300 & a 1.73 Core Duo.

For booting up and running windows, the P4 3.2 is faster than even the Quad core 6600. If you want to encode movies, do some heavy editing or anything that crunches numbers more cores are better other wise the P4 3.2 is faster. Dual Core processors are absolute junk (not Core2duo's) and not worth buying.

The 3.2 was a really good processor with it's 2MB L2 cache, it's only drawback was too much heat and power consumption. A Core2Duo equivalent of the P4 3.2Ghz would be at the very minimum a E4600 2.40Ghz.

Btw the Q6600 is at an excellent price point right now for the power it has.


Baber Kamal>>ah i went from a 3.0 ht to 1.6 and the 1.6 is better, less heat never goes above 28c, while the p4 easily reached 40c on load, i compress video files using vob and my time has gone down from 20 min to 6 min (while compressing a vob dvd file 1gb file to mpeg 4), plus now i can play crysis on full settings,,it plays better on dual core..

1.6 dual core will beat al p4 pro upto 3.6 ht easy in most benchmarks,, and it will do it by using less heat and taking on less power...


Thanx guys. i've chosen dual core 1.6 with 1MB cache. Forgot to tell u guys that my 3.2 ht processor also had 1MB cache.