DSL / Wireless Static Ip in Karachi


Salams guys,

I'm setting up a business survellance setup in Karachi and I need a recommendation for a good ISP which offers a static IP with decent upload speeds and reasonable tarriffs.

I would prefer a wireless setup because the project I am working on does not have easy access to PTCL phone lines and also I want to bypass the wires altogether if possible to counter any foul play.

Thanks in advance


as I know, not PTCL, but all other ISPs offer you Static IP if you request for.

and about PTCL Joker might help it with the recent that PTCL is still not offering static IPs or now they any offer with it. but they were not when I was on PTCL back on February.

and about Good ISP. in my point of view there are all ISPs with some bad and some good reputation. I'll not comment on any. there are all the sticky threads you should read them



Try MAXCOM (www.max.com.pk) for DSL, otherwise as far as wireless connections go, I can't think of any that would give you CCTV capable bandwidth (I assume you are streaming as opposed to straight uploading files). If you want a fool proof setup, try setting up a DSL connection with a wireless fallback, I am pretty sure there must be Windows utilities out there which can juggle the active connection depending on service outages..


^ Maxcom is not available in Lahore. Get Worldcall corporate connection.


but he is saying he is setting up in Karachi so yeah try maxcom or may be CyberNet ask them for custom made packages. they will serve u according to your needs.


@Raza, Good you see you again. It's been some time since I saw your posts. You're right I want a live connection to view here in Lahore, so Dsl seems the way to go. The only issue I had with dsl was lack of availability of a land line line where my project is located and employee's messing with the wired lines. A phone call or two later my wired line has magically appeared and DSL connectivity with a wireless backup seems to be the way to go.

Thanks guys. I'll give Maxcom and Cybernet a look. Wcall EVdO is also offering a static IP on their router for Rs. 300 extra.


^really? they are not even giving seperate dynamic IP to their users afaik becuase of nat


for great upload speeds and static ip i would have told you multinet.. but the are still not cheap enough and you want wireless so...

i am using multinet net gold... which is their 1mb package.. it is 4000rs with a static ip and constant 107kb/s download speed... i max out the download speed even with a single torrent downloading which i don't think other isps give you... and the upload is 90kb/s ... which is crazy considering ptcl and others.. but they are not reducing their prices quick.. i guess maybe in the new year which their gold will go down to 2500rs


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i max out the download speed even with a single torrent downloading which i don’t think other isps give you…

that’s not true!!! if you have good amount of seeders in a torrent you can max it out easily