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I download lot of videos from internet.i watch it on my computer. i also want to watch it on my dvd player. i copied it on a dvd and try to watch it on my dvd player but it does not work. how can i watch it on my dvd player. is there any software or any file i copied on dvd then try it? give suggestions.

what was the Format of video files?

mp4 and i have sony dvd player.

Use a video convertor to convert the mp4 file into any supported format of your dvd player.

You have to convert the video using Nero or other burning software and then write on the DVD in DVD format..

ConvertX to DVD.

Google it. Best software to convert any vdo files and burn them directly to DVD.

mp4 wont work on dvd palyer in most cases. Convert it to dvd and i suggest Nero.

If you have .avi files u want to watch on tv then you can u use Dany Media player which i am selling. Simply copy the file on the hard disk and watch on your tv through av wires.

Can sell without hard disk if you want cheaper

download DeVeDe and convert you files to dvd that is .VIB format then burn then with any dvd burner.... or just go n buy a chinese usb + dvd + divx player for 3000rupees n u r done....


how to download videos form

most of DVD player can't play .avi mp4 and some other internet formats try some video converters and use your mind too

how to download videos form

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how to download videos form

email them to ask how can i download videos from your site