Double Sawari Khul Gai


:lol: ROFL :lol:

is that a goat? how the hell...


desi helmet


^ he must have some sort of GPS device hooked up to a LCD inside that 'helmet' to know where he's going :P

Nice sharing!



BLOL :lol:

What the hell?!?!? How... that goat... on back... never mind... ROFL :lol:

Great share

Aala man....ROFL.....Pakistanis Roxxxx

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btw is this somewhere in liyari area ?

no. i noticed from tht niger...this aint Pak..this is somewhere in Africa....

hahah rofl... a gay goat :P

what the? how the?????? ROFLMAO!!!

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no. i noticed from tht niger…this aint Pak…this is somewhere in Africa…

I wish that you would not have used that N-word. Only dark skin Africans can use that word between themselves otherwise its racist. Likewise only Pakistanis can call each other “!@#$” otherwise its racist.

Hahahahahahahahha! :lol::lol: Bechari Bakri...!


Submarine helmet


Threesome (Triple sawari )