Dont keep your legs above c.p.u

Dont keep your legs above c.p.u

Wtf !!!!

Why would a sane person put his legs on the CPU?Err

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Dont keep your legs above c.p.u









This wont happen in pakistan. :P We don’t have that much snakes but possible in Thailand as most of the thailand people find cobras in there living room once in a 6 months.

By the way why you posted your mobile number :confused: ??

ok me remove cell #, now is it ok

^ But why you posted ? Wanted to share that you have a golden platinum plated number :P Will your number is still in my quote, I wont remove :P

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the speed at which the fan spins in most modern PSUs, that snake would be in pieces. if not that, then it would be fried because of the electricity.

OMG...!!! I read somewhere that ants and cockroaches used to stick on mobos n other parts in a country enriched with such insects (didnt remeber its name) but this is purely awesome...:D

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Nice number :D

snake looks a bit fake, as snake cant scroll over metallic objects or may be this dude was keeping this snake as a pet untill snake got 240 Volts jolt !!

thankx for informing

u know why do we say that there is "bug" in the computer..this dates back to time when in Harward,Hopper was doing some work on his computer and some moth went into the CPU and the computer stopped working...afterwards,it has become the talk of the say that software or computers have "bugs"..

isnt it interesting..???

^ oh really... i never heard of it before.

How the f* did the lil reptile survived the cpu heat.... how the hell it even get in ?

it seems like a rubber snake :D lolxx

True Story

In 2001 a visited a friend of mine who had a P2 system. He said that for the past two weeks the computer started giving problems, restarts and what not. I checked the PC and noticed that the CPU backend had a huge hole. I asked him about it and he said it was already there. Anyways as soon as I open it up a rat pops out of and runs away into the bathroom. I looked inside and it had bone pieces, and a small nest made for babies probably. The PC was running fine, and well and there were no problems except the USB cables were cut off.

The snake looks pretty much fake! but there are chances! As i've faced this scenario but on minor level, it was when i had PII 450mhz i opened the casing and there were dozens of cockroaches,spiders and spider webs and it just looked liked if i was in lookin into a haunted house! ha!ha!ha!

oh !