Domain name-Email forwarding-Webhosting advise required

I have a .org domain which i registered some years ago from godaddy and mostly use it for emails and have been going on so far without webhosting . Godaddy allows free email forwarding option so i have linked that domain with gmail acount and use it mostly for sending and receiving mails. Now i have recently registered a .pk domain from pknic and want to link it to gmail account as well, but pknic does not have a free email alias option. So what option do i have,would i have to buy webhosting so that i could use email like email with gmail account?

i think all hosts allow email forwarding options .

Ok I wrote a guide on how to do this. You don't need to spend on hosting. You just need a domain name:

Thank you very much! that was exactly what i wanted to do. Godaddy provide free (100)email forwarding option whereas PKNIC does not offer any option for forward and is not that advanced as compared to godaddy. So far i had been using the domain mostly for emails(storage from gmail and forwarding from godday) .

Kindly also suggest a good affordable webhost in case i need to upload a simple 5 page website with a contact us form,it won't attract that much traffic but would mostly be used for keeping in touch with my suppliers and customers.