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Hi, well first let me telll u. my freind. she is a very good shair. she has writen more then 1000 shers. she has colte deewaan. well yesterday she told me that she is sick of her giving her sher and nazams to the papers and magazines. although they published more then 50 of her shers. well she wanted to publish a book of her shers. so i gave her i dea that y dont u make a website and put all ur shers on that, personally she liked the idea. so she asked me. i do not have website knowledge. ya i run a blog where i post my daily sms which is some how simillar to her shers as she said she would be posting her shers as soon as new idea or ghazal comes in her mind. so all i gave her idea of using blogspot or wordpress. but what my other i dea is for her that we buy a domain name. only domain without hosting and forward that link to the blog. so people can have easy acsess. guys i need ur idea. can u help me. please. well sugest me a best for a shair where she will update her shers daily with a good unique style and page which will atract the peole who love urdu shayery so help me. thanks and ya please ignore my english i know its bad but im trying to improve it.

you have to register your self a domain name and you will have to give an amount to the company who registered your domain on yearly basis. Many domain registering companies also help in building a website.

if you want I can post some links here

for domain hosting you must have a credit card do you know? other vise it will be not very cheap because Pakistani Domain Hosts are very expensive.

well i know ui have to register a domain name. but my question was should i buy a domai name and forward a blogger to that domain or should i but hosting and entirely design my website like blogger so that i can really post every day her sher o shayeri

my recommendation is that you do not buy a domain instead make your blog on an existing website like the one you already have

publish a book you'll get instant fame and profit

well thanks guys.....village boy publishing a book really costs alot and she is just a beginer. her family wont let her spend so much on her work. she doesnt wanna get famous but just want her all shers on some plateform where ppl can read her shers. so should i go for

yup is just fine wordpress is best

im confused. well the shers wil be in urdu... so suggest me wordpress or blogspot ????

well i'll suggest that you should start a personal blog.

you can buy a domain which costs not more than 600Rs in pakistan, don't waste your time on free LLD blogs cause one day you have to leave it. get your won identity it remains with you as long as you want to.

rest hosting.. it's free on my server :P "i do remember my time when i used to beg for free web hosting :("

If you friend is good in sher-o-sheriye, then don't worry soon she gonna have a famous blog :)

hmmmm so tel me slave. how can i design a blog on personal domain??? i really dont know anything!!!!

well Email me i'll send you the details.

slave i have emailed u . but y dont u post the details here. so other will get benifit too!!!!

yeah sure.. i'll make the post tonight,, right now i'm little busy in my project.

okay 1st of for testing purpose get your domain from

Point the domain to following nameserver

then i'll send you the rest details how to install the blogging script. and how to manage it. :)

Which hosting company is best for a heavy content website?

heavy content site, depends on your website traffic rate, load of the site, per user traffic consumption"average" if its large enough then try VPS, and if your website earnings are enough that you can get dedicated server then go for it.

if you website contains only heavy contents. like multimedia files, etc with little traffic then there are many hosts. i would suggest ""

thanks slave. im on the project. wil give u the reply as soon as posible

no problem at all :)