Domain: for Sale

I've never put a domain up for sale here, if the mods have an issue please let me know and I will remove it.

Price: $ 35

what kind of site can v host on it....

i mean any suggestion..

Umm Pakistani overclockers :P ?

may be branded CPU's for sale in PK :P


99% percent of people who own computers in pakistan dont know its processors frequency

they say i have p4

some even call celerons p4

some say i have p 3.5 or p2.5

so making a website for only CPU's and only for pakistani's

u gotta b kidding me...

Lol at the selling CPU's only website. :D

The domain can be used for anything related to computers. It can be:

a). Online store

B). Website address for a computer store & computer usage related business

c). Tech Forum

d). Overclocking

And anything which requires a short .com address that is relevant. Also like with all threads, please don't make useless posts/comments.