Does generator ruins UPS while using both together..?

hello guys..

today i went to a shop for buying a UPS for my PC .. as i told the man that i have genset too and i just wana use UPS for short backup time like 2-3 mins he said that if i run UPS with generator it will get effed..

cuz generator's voltage is not constant..

well yea thats right that generator's voltage is not constant but on the other hand the UPS specs say it can take input from 170V to 280V range and out put 220V so in normal circumstances if generator does some #$%# UPS shud not get effed..

but there is another factor which concerns me alot... generator current has too much electrical NOISE and its frequency is also very varying...

the UPS i am buying is a LINE INTERACTIVE UPS..

whose description on internet says

[quote=", post:, topic:"]
. The inverter/converter is also normally fitted with circuitry to filter out noise and spikes, and to regulate the power output, providing additional power during brownouts and curtailing output during surges.

so has anyone used a Sophisticated Computer UPS with Generator? not the desi UPS ...

and did any probs came..

plus i am also getting a 10 month UPS and Battery warranty for THIS UPS so shud i go for it and give it a try..

I am using a UPS for my PC and also a generator. But I also use a stabiliser with servo meter between main and UPS. Its working fine for me.


ok thanks..