Do you use an off motherboard sound card i.e a seperate sound card

I wondered how many members here use a seperate sound card in their

computer. Either in pci slot or external?

Why u Wanna Know that ?

m using builton 6 channel.

i asked because i am thinking of getting one myself

What do you intend to do with it?

Any special reason you want SC with more than 6/8 channels?

i am planing to buy a 5.1 or higher sound surround system

some sound card supports the conversion of 2.1 to 5.1 check it in your system tou might save some money

i am using Creative Inspire 5.1 5200 set.

on my built in sound card and it works gorgeous...

i got builtin 7.1 card

so no need for a dedicated card......

jack if you are willing to buy a separate sound card Get Creative Audigy Series (depend on budget).

But Personally i Recommend ASUS SOUND CARDS instead of Creative. (see review of Asus Cards)

I have always used built-in sound card on motherboard and it works great.

thanks everybody,

i think its time i got a seperate sound card as i have been using onboard sound for so long,

i need to see what the fuss is all about, is the sound really that different from a onboard sound to ofboard sound

it depends which typo sound card / chip is builin with the mobo , i have SupremeFX II sound chip built in which is really great and have a true 3d sound effect specially in games and HD / DTS movies/ audio

Onboard sound cards usually use CPU to compute and relay sound. Whereas, some high-end add-on sound cards do not put burden on CPU.

I have used both and in my opinion if you have CPU that can give a little slice of resources of about 2% to 7% then it is OK to use onboard sound card. However, I found that add-on Creative and Yamaha chip cards give superior sound and do not put load on CPU.

For ordinary people onboard sound card is satisfactory and does everything that they need.

Choice is yours.