Do you have any interest securing you phone contacts free?


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No need to give a penny to your mobile networks to save your contacts or any other site while you can have it free of cost and in more reliable way.

I am using it for more than a year. It’s getting really useful and interactive more and more. Regularly updates.

Good features

- Online synchronizing of your contacts and calendar entries free of cost.

- Extended methods to manage your contacts.

- Impressive UI.

Only you need a SyncML supported phone and an internet connectivity on it.

Check if your phone is good for it.

Other suggestions will be nice for users.




yes! tested.

they also good

mobical and zyb are somewhat identical

mobical is providing 'sms sync' via SyncML as well. but their SMS communiction is not enough good. after 3 attempts on mobilink and ufone numbers I did not get any sms and I configured it manually, and after every thing is done I got msg containing settings only 1 of 3 times after much time. its good in sync.

zyb is not providing 'sms sync' via SyncML but have another option to sync sms messages.

and their SMS communication is fast enough you get a message in 1 minute.

upvise is diffrent from them. One needs to install a client software on the phone. good but not reliable. and supporting only Contacts Synchronizing.

I prefer to use mobical or zyb.




I rate the best, didnt had any problems


Well I do a further hassle free solution for backup up my contacts. The PC connecting software that comes with Sony Ericssons gives you teh option to store contacts in your MS Outlook's address book. After doing so I save the Outlook contacts in a file and keep its backups at regular intervals.


what is the point of storing your contacts.Can we trust these sites.I dont Think so.I dont trust pakistani 0perators either but thats Just me :D


You can trust


I sync all my mobile contacts, todo and notes with outlook and from outlook sync with yahoo sync software at my yahoo email id. It is fantastic and helped to transfer from my Palm Treo to Nokia. And it will also useable from yahoo.