Do we get edge on every mobile phone?

hey i have k310i and i am using zong at that ???i get very low spped of zonf even youtube is damn poor at that ???// waht may b the reason????????????? does mt cell support edge????

is there zong edge in murree?

i got a news there is no edge of zong in murree....... sp thts y i dont ger speed here now i get the point

K310i does NOT have EDGE & You cant get high speed on GPRS.

K310i Specifications:

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is there zong edge in murree?

I don't know.

IIRC zong has edge in Murree, you can check it out on their website

i just called thie call centre an hour before...... and the officer said there is no zong edge in murree

wud any1 suggest me a cell phone having edge ........maximum price 7000



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wud any1 suggest me a cell phone having edge …maximum price 7000

You can get a used Sony Ericsson W810i withen this price.

i think 5310 is a good one i will go for it anf now the problem is that the zong people say that there is no edge in murree ????? i will try it today at 5310 at my uncles phone i wish it edge works...............

amazing is this today zong is working at good speed but cant trust it without edge .................

Mr.Shaukat the site u have mentioned for earing money has no option of PAKISTAN????????????????

^ Yes it does.


ok tell me are these jobs real or just fake like others at net as i have been searching for home based job for 2 years ............

^ I dont know, ask ShoukaT by email.

do u know any home based true job ????/

being on topic,i wana ask wether i can get EDGE fone in Rs 7000 range or not?

ya u can u can get used w810i and u can get nokia 5310 xpress musix and many other but do confirm the edge stuff before buying a mobile phone i think u can also get used nokia 5000 its a nice fone ........

All products are brand new and with Edge:

Samsung E200 Rs7200

Samsung L700 Rs.9350

Nokia 7210 Supernova Rs.8200

Nokia 5130 Xpress Music Rs.9150

Nokia 3110 Rs7400

Nokia 5200 Rs8300

Nokia 2330 Classic Rs.5600

Nokia 2760 Rs.5600

To check pics and features of these sets go to:

nice info yar. u made it easy for me to select cell.

tel me whether samsung is better in EDGE than NOKIA or not?