Do u want to have student Package As you r not student

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Whatever you have to offer, provide complete details here. And DON'T spam in other threads. Any funny business and you'll be off to ban city.

well i want to upgrade from 1 mb to 2 mb but i have logged a compliant to the helpline can you do the trick caz everyone knows tomorrow never comes when its with PTCL...

lolz ...nice bizz bro , so you are a student kaleemullahbilal and you will buy packages for those who arent students ? :D hahahaahahahha

hey whts de student package?

these are the student package offered by PTCL

DSL-1MB Unlimited Rs 839/month

DSL-2MB Unlimited Rs 1399/month

DSL-4MB Unlimited Rs 3499/month


DSL-1MB Unlimited Rs. 1,199 / month

DSL-2MB Unlimited Rs. 1,999 / month

DSL-4MB Unlimited Rs. 4,999 / month

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mail me at

Yes post details here please