Do Not Buy ASUS DRW-1814BL!


I bought ASUS DRW-1814BL recently. However, new revisions of it are faulty and fail on reading CDs and burning light scribe discs. That means that you cannot install even Windows XP on it since the disc/CD won't even boot. It reads DVDs fine.

Apparently, this problem is widespread and ASUS's DRW-1814BL forum is full of people complaining about this drive. The new firmware v1.14 is available but it is reportedly making no improvement as far as this situation is concerned with this drive.

The reason for this thread is a general notification for people to avoid buying this DVDRW drive, especially the recent iterations of it. I have an older DRW-1814BL (white front cover) which works fine. This one (black front cover) is faulty. Avoid buying it like it is the plague.

If anyone has had a different experience, please do tell. I would be interested in knowing about it.


i bought asus DRW-1814BL (IDE) an year ago the black one, and it's working fine here burnt hundred of dvd's. Only problem it has disc loading is pretty slow. But don't know about the new lot.


What is the manufacture month mentioned on it?


i think you mentioned it a while back on this forum when someone was looking to buy a DVD writer :P


Thanks for the heads-up Asad. Always good

to know in advance. I will be upgrading some-

time next year and ASUS optical reader was

on the list.




Sheikh 'Forewarned is Forearmed' Chilli


When I turn my computer on, it takes a longer time to boot after i installed the Asus drive! When you put a disc in, its very slow to recognize it and everything, but at least it burns fast.


@ Saad:

I have an older revision of it on another PC and it worked superbly. My friend has one and it worked fine too. That was the reason I finally shifted to ASUS from Creative. The problem comes to the fact that I put it in a server. I couldn't use the WinXP and Win2K3 server disks on it.

@ Sheikh_Chilli:

The 2014S1T is a good 20X SATA burner from ASUS. I have been using it for a couple weeks now and it doesn't has any particular issues. Do read up on it and consider it when you go to get one.

DRW-2014S1/S1T are good options for now. If I encounter any problems with them, I will mention in this thread.


there is not problem with mine ASUS , i m using it for 2 years


[quote=", post:, topic:"]

there is not problem with mine ASUS , i m using it for 2 years

Give your eyes some exercise. Which part of “new revisions” did you not understand? At least read and understand the first post completely before posting.


The old version of Asus DRW was really good. I am using it from two years. No problem at all till now. but the new one which i bought for my cousin is really having a lot of problems, like slow reading of DVD discs and problems in writing sometimes. I think any product which is shipped in start is very good but as its price decrease its quality is also decreases. Thats why i try to use products which are not very common most of the time.


The distributor for Galaxy in Islamabad says that the 1814BL isn't going to be sold here anymore. That should make it pretty obvious.

And yes, the initial batches of 1814BL were excellent. In fact, that is what motivated me to move from Creative to Asus.



So sad to hear that Asad. I have been relaying on Asus for so many years. They made finest products. Especially their optical drives won many awards in Europe.

After the episode of getting ban because your drive is faulty, I am a little reluctant to tell my own experience (don't ban me): I once bought two Asus DVD drives. On one drive, I upgraded firmware and it stopped reading CD-RW. Though it still read/write CD-R and DVD-R but can't read/boot from CD-RW. That's totally weird. However, the other identical drive for which I didn't upgraded the firmware is still working correctly even to this day.

In your case, my hope is that it is due to faulty firmware, not the hardware. Do you think Asus program firmware in-house or out-source it?


it was working fine for me till a week before when it sudenly gave probs with its tray

its tray come out half some time 3/4 some time 1/4 and goes back in while some time stucks while going in

this problem was strange as it happened just automatically i did nothing and it was strange

but i must say it worked great for me since first day...


I have the same ASUS DRW-1814BL. Bought it earlier this year when i got my DSL. Been working perfectly, burned hundreds of DVD's with it, only used the light scribe feature once. Too much of a fuss to design the damn thing.


I must mention, i had problems burning Dual Layer DVD's with it. Tried burning 10 and only 3 were successfull. No idea if it had to do with the discs or with the writer.


How is the Sata version? is it better than ide or no difference in performance?


^ The SATA version has been working ok till now. Performance is the same as far as 8X discs are concerned.