Do fm radio broadcasters download mp3 over internet and play songs

do fm radio broadcasters download mp3 or some other high quality music files AAC from internet and play songs on air or they buy legal copies for that i am not talking about only for Pakistanis FM radio broadcasters

Well - I can say this for Pakistani radios for sure (let me keep 89 in mind): I THINK they get both legal and ripped material. There are times when there's a horrible quality version of a song on air - and you can tell it's of bad quality because it sounds as if it was ripped at a 22050Hz rate (the standard is 44100Hz rate), or at a lower bitrate. The multiband compressors used on air only help improve the sound for good quality media, not bad quality media.

That said, have you noticed they get censored versions of songs (aka radio edits)? There are services available for radio stations worldwide to get clean tracks, whereas there are times when they have songs that have "s**t" in them, or there's some "manual censoring" (like backmasking, for example).

I know 91 gets some stuff from RadioPlay - for instance, The World Chart Show, however, there are times when they don't air the clean versions of some tracks. Not sure why, but... it's like that.

In short - I think it's a bit of both. It depends on the RJ what they air (since some RJs don't air edits)

im pretty sure they download majority of em. I heard a song on 89 which probably had a bit rate of like 64, the sound was tinny and horrible.

Yeah they do. But we can't rule out the fact that they do get some legal stuff in too (for e.g., John Digweed's Transitions).

I guess they download what they can to remain current with the music scene (but ignore the quality factor, since I can get new songs of decent quality) and sometimes get the artist's CD - either from the local market (pirated) or import it (for e.g., the American Idol performances from iTunes).

Those are my guesses.

No idea about here but abroad the music labels send radio stations release tracks and thats how a track is officially released.

You may just head over to CityFM 89's facebook group: and ask some experts. Do not forget to post here what you learned. :)

I think 89 is on that list too (the radio-station publicity list), since they do get some radio-only tracks from somewhere (I recall this happened once).

Most legal stations are given their music by the record companies, and as most stations now use computers for playout, and specific software, then the music is normally delivered in some sort of mp3 format.

I have a friend of mine working in 89, and i have visited him several times in the station and have seen the whole system. trust me they dont use legal or copyrighted music, they used to in the beginning but not anymore. They usually download music from net and save it on massive storage servers. all of their pcs in recording and transmission rooms are networked, so all they do use a search software from any of those pcs which get music direct from server. they use Winamp to play all of their music. thats all i can disclose. btw i have copied lot of stuff from their server ;)

They use Winamp? I thought they used something like Sam Party DJ or some other software that allows on-air sweeps (and cueing capability).

I know all of their old music must've been purchased (you know - the oldies goldies). The new music - I think it's mixed. Check their RDS - they have some tracks with "Promo Only" in them, and John Digweed - that's legal too.