Display problem

I am facing problem with my monitor display like vibrating waves some times and specially when i open my browser many sites gets out of focus and darker,i re-install flash player and also tried Microsoft Silverlight but nothing get better,also face problem when i watch anything with VLC or MPC with full screen mode picture get much darker most of time,so is there another problem with my display ??

Please guide me what to do.Thanks

Which LCD or Monitor are you using? Did you googled to find out if it's a known problem?

yes problem with ur display. Get it repaired. Its dirt cheap>the repair.

If you are using a CRT, and see diagonal white lines, or white lines on your screen (when its on) along with vibrating text/lines and repeatitive shade changes... You could have two problems.. Non-compliant color profile, OR .. more probably.. a picture tube that is giving up on you.

Im using PHILIPS 17" monitor and problem is solevd by changing resolution of display on first try it did'nt solved but when i try 2-3 times then it works fine,so if anyone get like this problem so remmeber this try to change resolution and check wires.

so thanks for your kind suggestions

Seem like data cable issues.

update to latest version of DirectX