DirectX and power of MS

Something funny came to my head today. Microsoft controls game industry by not letting DirectX out of windows circle. Do you guys think Linux and Mac will ever have a acceptable chance against windows in the game industry without DirectX support?

Game development is very much possible on Linux and Mac. There are many games available for linux if you look around - just not as much as you'd wish. Once Linux gains more market share, there'll be more game companies making games for linux.

There's nothing very distinct about DirectX that cannot be reproduced on other platforms. We have the SDL which is cross-platform and works on windows, mac, linux etc. And OpenGL of course coupled with certain other libraries. There are many more such frameworks available such as OpenKode, GNU 3D Kit etc.

Few games built using SDL lib are here: (notable one would be soldier of fortune maybe ...)

Linux has openGL and Mac has nothing i guess.

OpenGL is good as all the video cards are rated with its version compatibility.

Game makers, operating systems, OpenGL/DirectX and Video Card companies, all together need to do it when i think about it.

No end-users will go in that direction if everyone does not follow. OpenGL could push through if they properly collaborate and develop with all hardware and software aspect of this field. But video card companies and game makers are very obsessed with directx.

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Linux has openGL and Mac has nothing i guess.

OpenGL is good as all the video cards are rated with its version compatibility.


Mac and Windows also have OpenGL…after all it is OpenGL :)

OpenGL must not have a good team. There is no reason a Open Source project should be behind its paid counter parts. And don't linux and mac corps support this project.

Reminds me of osCommerce, its a e-commerce application for php. It was developed about 8 years ago. When it came out it was the leader, but the team didn't get new people and just kept getting worst and worst.. Now i heard they only have 1 full time developer and 2 part time.. Now osCommerce is way behind and all new shopping carts are ahead..

Back to the openGL, looks like OpenGL is going in the osCommerce direction.

There is no reason for OpenGL not to go ahead if properly executed. About 2 to 4 years ago.. Maya was running on OpenGL and nvidia was extremely fast with OpenGL. At that time, OpenGL should have pushed with good shaders and all that stuff.. If the plateform was solid there would be no reason a game company would not develop for OpenGL and specially if they know it will work on linux and Mac too.