Dilemma at verge of getting AC

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Thank god brother this is really encouraging, I donno why guys around here started judging me as soon as I let the fact emerge that my uncles an employee in wapda. He's always got free power units and he's always told me it's the national policy, and it's common sense, where you work, you're supposed to get benefits there nothing wrong with it. They started judging me may be because it's the current hot issue in Pakistan and every single one is the victim of scarcity of electrical supply so as soon as you kinda talk about doing something that's a little power consuming, they start suspecting you. I live in Pakistan and I m also the victim of this ordeal. Anyway thanks brother responses like you yourself gentleman cared to impart really encouraged me to do the right thing and make a smart move and not run into problems that you inevitably deal with when you get an split ac. I might go tomorrow to nearest bigger town to get the window ac or Sunday since these 2 days are off days for my dad. Thanks a lot dude and thanks ever single one who tried to help me pull through and direct me into the right way. Everyone who left a response in my topic: I m just immeasurably grateful :)


No one is judging you.

My friend also had that facility, his father was a Wapda employee. I do know about the units given.

Loadshedding or no loadshedding, our devices should be more efficient not less. :)