Digitware Laptops (Wholesaler & Retailer)

Digitware Systems (Lahore, Punjab)

Importer, Wholesaler & Supplier of laptops.

Office No.17th, 4th Floor

Hafeez Centre, Gulberg III

Lahore, Punjab.

92-42-5715211, 92-42-5712624

Contact Person: Imran Farooq - imran@dws.com.pk


IBM Lenovo N200

Dual Core 1.6Ghz



DVDRW (Super Drive)

15.4" Wide Display

Bluetooth, Fingerprint

WebCam, Card Reader


One Year International Warranty

"Rs. 39,499/-"

Dell Inspiron 1525

Dual Core 2.0Ghz



DVDRW (Super Drive)

15.4" Wide Display

Vista Home Premium

One Year International Warranty

"Rs. 48,499/-"

HP Pavilion DV6933cl

Core2 Duo 2.0Ghz



DVDRW (Super Drive)

15.4" Wide Display


Vista Home Premium

One Year International Warranty

"Rs. 59,999/-"

Dear Imran,

Do you have HP Mini 2133

Do you deliver to Karachi



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Welcome Aboard

Mr. Imran Farooq give my best regards to Brother Sohail.

Welcome Imran Bhai

Dear Brothers

Thanks for your warm welcome.

Dell Coming with attarctive prices !!!!!!

New = Dell 1735 Added

Updated = Dell 1525 and Dell 1545



Hello Imran,

Do you have gaming laptops... ? Dell XPS or some custom built laptops?

I wanna buy a HP dv series entertainment laptop with big backup time.

Plz tell me the latest hp models in Rs.70k with 8cell battery?

I will use my lapi for web and graphics designing and also can play games and watch movies so which laptop you will suggest for me?

Yesterday i check my friends laptop (HP Compaq nc6000) and it show me 3:39 remaining time with 98% full battery so i also want that type of big time battery laptop.

How hp release its models ?

I mean dv3 and dv4 then dv5 and so on dv6, dv7…

If it is true then it means dv3 models have old technology so should we buy only buy dv5 to dv7 ?

How to recognize difference between new and refurbished laptops with ease as i am new with laptop so dont wanna screwed up by any saler ?

Hope you will reply in details as it will be very helpfull for me and newbies.

Dear Rahil

We have gaming laptops like

Acer Aspire 8920

C2D 2.6GHz | 4GB RAM | 320GB HDD | BluRay | Nvidia 9650 512MB | 18.4" Wide Display | Vista Ultimate.

Rs. 127,000/-

Dear Bakhtavar

Thanks for your querry. Normaly new HP DV series like DV4, DV5, DV6 or DV7 there batteries lasting around 2:00 to 2:45 hours depend upon your work, if you want log backup you should purchase laptop with 9 cell which is slightly extended then normal one.

Your second question regarding difference between New & Refurbished Notebooks.

Brother first of all we should clear our mind that refurb notebooks are not used there are some conditions in which company sells it as refurb.

1. Customer Return

2. Over Stock

3. On there Display

4. Manufacturing fault when box open

5. Customer Purchased didnt like but box open

so by US law they will not sell it as new, they take these machines back to their factory again check the whole notebook and then sell it to there company outlet.

Biggest advantage of purchasing Refurb Notebook is the Price factor with good specs.

Lets say

HP DV5 with C2D 2.0GHz 2GB 1600GB DVDRW with all options available at Rs. 72000/-

then refurb DV5

with C2D 2.0 4GB 250GB DVDRW with all options available at Rs. 67000/-

So advantage goes to customer the only thing in Refurb is 90 Days Warranty.

Please visit www.compusa.com or other websites you will see a huge market for Refurb notebooks is growing.

Only thing for note is it should by Factory Refurb or Recertified.

EnjoY !!!!!

Thanks dear for really very helpfull reply.

If i buy any new laptop and want to replace my 6cell battery with 8 or 9 cell battery then what will be cost? also plz tell rate of new 8 or 9 cell battery?

Imran bhai i wanna buy hp dv1215 or 1153 but as i already ask if i want to replace my new dv1215 6cell battery with new 8 or 9cell battery then how much more money i have to pay? and also what are the rates of new 8 or 9 cell battery for dv 1215.

Which type of warranty card you are providing for international and local claim ?

Which windows you are giving with dv1215, geniun or desi and is it already installed with box packed or you will install it after open box and if windows is geniun then you will also validate it on buyer name?

I also wanna buy a cooler for dv1215 so which one to buy?

Which brand you will suggest to buy between Acer and HP for resale value, reliability, working etc..

If i always work on laptop connected to electricity and if battery if full then will it put any effect on battery life as battery is full and i am still working on laptop connected to electricity ?

Which things we have to care when buying new laptop so we can recognize that we are buying new box packed laptop not used or open box, i mean transparent plastic cover on box, installed windows or not? Any hp labeled plastic foil on laptop when box open and anything else ???

Sory for too many questions as we wanna know everything before buying bcoz i am new with laptops and hope you will never mind as its your professional duty.


I am interested in HP Mini 2133. Is it available?


looking for a ASUS EEE pc 1000 HE

Availability/Price ....

can i tell me anyone if i can get laptop on installment/lease

have u any netbooks available..????