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I would like to start a topic where we can discuss about development of new apps as well as programming technicalities about those.

I am starting with following. I'm listing three of my recent projects below. Developers or Programmers join and discuss how to write or program these efficiently.

1:- A Download Manager

2:- Rapidshare AutoDownloader

3:- A Messenger

Why don't you list the features you want to incorporate, since all these softwares exist, and unless what you want to make is unique, there is no point recreating the wheel.

^We'll talk about other two later. First tell me does any Rapidshare downloaing program exist who works?

best of luck for that but sorry mate i am noob to c++

Well i'm thinking for last 2 year to develop an IM. but i need few team members and some donation and a high efficiency server.

if you can find these things, i'm ready ;)

I am not sure about others but i can work with you for somewhat i can. What specs do you need for it to run an IM(Server)?

If you people are really interested to work as a team then why don't you people start an Open Source project. Report here the progress or need for new programmers. Maybe new programmers will join you as they see that software has any benefits.

By the way, I agree with sah. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

There are plenty of IMs and downloaders laying around. And what's the point of RapidShare downloader (for those who don't have paid account?) that would be illegal?

But I don't want to discourage. In fact, I am very happy to see some struggle to do something productive in these forums (which is full of 70% of unofficial Help/Support threads).

About Reinventing the wheel:

There is nothing which is perfect in terms of development. Always there can be lots of improvements in existing. So near to me there is no problem if we start from scratch. May be we pass the initial phase too quickly and learn few new points from there.

About Rapidshare:

Rapidshare restrict the user after one downloading to wait few min. may be 15 or so. I made a software which remove this thing plus you can add several files in its queue and it can download all one after one just like a Robot. You can just give links to it and sleep away. Downloading will be complete automatically. Any suggestions are welcome from All.

^ Which brings me back to my original point. You say there can be a lot of improvements made in the existing software, so WHAT are those improvements you want to make? You can't just go about writing software when you haven't even defined what you're making.

As for the Rapidshare downloader. That is illegal, and it'll be best if you don't discuss it here. We don't want to associate illegal activities with this forum.

If you go to search a video editing software than did you ever find only one name? simply answer is no. Why those companies developing the softwares with same functionalities.

First let me know one thing. Have anyone of you developed the Download Manger?

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First let me know one thing. Have anyone of you developed the Download Manger?

Yes, many, but they are not general purpose Download Managers. They are integrated into custom made softwares with very special and narrow-down working; like uploading, merging, downloading shared documents with resume functionality and recovery. You can’t download any file with them. They have automatic functionality so users don’t have to do anything or go for third-party download managers.

They have fixed paths to follow for the easiness for users to share documents on which office/project-team are working.

Integrated Download Managers, for special purpose; for the easiness of users (humans) to reduce relaying on third-party software and give peace of mind when it comes to management.

Do you have any idea for software to give easiness to users (humans)?

If a software exist and you want to add feature then it is much more probable and easier for you and end-users that you write a plug-in or an add-on for that feature. Why write whole new software i.e., IM?

Actually i want to incorporate the downloadings from various hosts like filefactory and depositefile etc.... So they can be treated efficiently and can download multiple files sequentially. Now any suggestions?

@ aqee_se

I'll suggest three things for you:

1) Do NOT write any software that is illegal. Whether it's illegal in Pakistan or not, doesn't matter. It should be legal in majority of first-world countries.

2) Extending my first point here, do NOT write anything unethical that can damage any person or business. What's goes around do comes around. For example; What you'll feel if you are the owner of RapidShare or similar hosting company and some guy make a software to damage your business?

3) Another very important point, if you are not creating a commercial software then create Open Source. There are many open source hosting web-sites that give lots of services for programmer teams, and all for free, just because your software is open source and free-of-cost to everyone. Go for open source.

Write for the idea whatever you have in your mind. You are free to select your path and paths lead to destinies.

people who need to learn and then code there selves i am proving you with some links which will contain full source code or a component that will help build from there

1:- A Download Manager

2:- Rapidshare AutoDownloader*&li=*

3:- A Messenger