Devastation in the Gaza

any one want to say about this? i was waiting someone might say put some comments here but seems this forum belong to Israeli forces. (lets not hope). but this forum is as quite as all countries around the globe.

I have nothing left to say. Such is my disgust regarding this pathetic state of affairs of the Muslims.

All muslim countries are already dead sleep. They will only criticize israel in OIC conference. not more then that.

This thread is purely politics discussion. It will be close soon.

Current killing of Muslims in Gaza by Israel is condemnable and must be stopped immediately.

But question is why they are killing Muslims in Gaza? Anyone asked that question?

Death of any innocent human being is regrettable, whether Muslim or not. Islam do not allow killing of any innocent human being, whether Muslim or not.

On the victory of Mecca, our prophet Muhammad PBUH told not to kill women, children, elderly persons, or anyone who do not raise weapon on you.

This is not what we are doing these days. We are very happy when some Muslim do suicide bombing and kill innocent Jew women and children (in bus, on road, in restaurant etc.).

Suddenly, suicide that is condemnable in Islam to that extent that the person who commit suicide will never enter Heaven, that suicide not only becomes OK but people are envy them. What the heck is wrong with Muslims? Anyway, everyone of us going to our own graves and people who commit suicides are surely going to Hell.

Similarly, I have seen general public's reaction, when they see a Muslim suicide bomber explodes herself in school bus full of Jew children and people listening to that TV news (in a dhabba) voice together Allah Akbar. Muslims are happy to kill innocent children?

When same thing happen to Muslims, that Jews come and kill Muslims, we all start to say "Ah! So sorrow! Look at cruel Jews are killing Muslims".

Double Standards! We are Hippocrates Muslims. We are happy to kill innocent Jew children but we get angry when someone kill our children.

That's not what Muslims are suppose to be. Muslims should fight only to soldiers with weapon (as in victory of Mecca). But oh not, these soldiers have guns and bullets, made by USA and they kill anyone who come near them. Whereas, Jew children don't have guns but books and books don't shoot bullets so let's kill children.

We Are Double Standard Muslims!