Devastation in the Gaza (coweredely acting)

"sorry to post separately coz original post was closed without any reason".

so this forum belong/controlled by some jew???


and one more thing wanted to say its not political issue its humanity issue but off course jew downgraded Muslim to semi human or even further....

^yes that was supposed to be closed. because it could be so rude for any one to explain his/her feelings on it.

any ways. in addition to wampyr's post in your last thread, I believe the fact that

"who support Killings of innocent people with suicide bombing or with any other way, is not a muslim. infact he even doesn't know what muslim is." simply Islam doesn't ask us to do so.

No religion asks their people to kill innocent people.

edit: so these killers do not belong to any religion. because if any one doesn't fulfil the rules of his religion, just gets out of his religion.

I can't actually talk more on these things. so I would request moderators to explain him the cause of closing the thread again before closing it.

and one more thing that all muslims condemn this inhuman attitude of jews so are we!!!

but these type of discussions become flamebouyant at times so they are closed...

we can only condemn it...nothing else...I think people avoid talking about it now because it becomes frustrating thinking about their inability to anything about most you could make an extra effort to contribute to those relief organizations that are engaged over there...

and yes, mods can close this thread anytime they want...cuz

[quote=", post:, topic:"]
Discussions not covered in the other forums, but no politics. (unless they directly affect all things tech!)

yes we can only condemn it and wait for our turn :)

these jet bombings have reached our tribal areas and swat, and will surely reach other parts of our country very soon

@flatpack: We do not want a political and/or religious discussion on this forum. Even if you don't consider this to be such a discussion, this thread will not lead to any conclusion. You will hear rants and opinions which will devolve into just plain arguments. Also, lame insults like the one in your post will not get you anywhere.

I'm giving you a reason now for closing this thread, even though you should not need one considering you're a fairly old member and must be familiar with how this forum is run by now. When your first thread was closed you should've taken a hint, and if you had further problems with the reasons for the closure, you should've emailed the admin team. Note that if you create yet another thread on the same topic, it'll be considered spamming and you'll be banned.