Dell LCD Problem

i was using dell d600..

sudenly my laptop looses their colours and finall totalllyy black..

i was shocked and next time when i again on the laptop their is no display on the LCD.

i m in trouble sooo guide and help me..

get it chked with any technician in front of you . may b connectors or the ribbon (special connector) is loose and thts y your LCD is not getting the power and thus it is happening . May b other problem.

first this is wrog sektion


first of all plug on ur laptop n see ur LCD in extreme light mean see ur Laptop under bright ligh is there any Dimm display? if yes then Lamp of LCD needs to b replaced


plug a normal monitor to ur laptop n on ur laptop

c if laptop working fine on external monitor then ur CPU is OK n u have to chek ur LCD by a technician, or

if external monitor doesnt giv display then its ur CPU fault

i also chcked some technications but ther are syaing that i should replace LCD. and if i replace the LCD then it is costly for me bcoz if i added some more money in the price of LCD then i will be able to purchase another book.

Dear Bro.

Take your laptop to technocity and ask about the Mr. Tariq LCD wala. his shop is in the last row.

He fixed my compaqs' LCD.


yes techno citi is the best place to get ur laptop repaired if you are in karachi, dont go any where especially regal!