Intel Centrino Duo 1.83GHZ(Bus speed 667MHZ) (2mb cache)

HDD 320 GB

VGA: Nvidia NVS 110M(256mb with turbo cache)

3 GB ram

battery back up 1 to 1:30 hour


Super drive

looks like Barand new just 20 days used came frm U.S.A

Demand 48000

Contact:HARIS (03455033211)

Any special reason for the sale after 20 days of use?

maybe he was dissapointed with his battery life like i was with my fujitsu's laptop

A couple of questions:

1) Can the battery be replaced with a more powerful one to improve backup time? What would be the cost of a stronger battery? Any ideas?

2) Can we claim international warranty, here in pakistan? Or is the warranty useless?

3) Your location?

Yea fahad

1 : i dnt know much abt battery life.

2 : here in pakistan i think we cant claim.

3 : M from islamabad

Price reduced due to the money required.

Final price : 45000

battery timing 1:15 to 1:40 with full brightness.....

The battery time disappoints me or else I would have seriously considered it. Good luck with the sale!

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looks like Barand new just 20 days used came frm U.S.A

used only 20 days and sent to Pakistan from usa ??? amazing

dear m sait tht m using this laptop since last 25 days or more in pakistan......

so this means that it was a used laptop from USA which u were using for last 25 days?

dear bro....

it was paked in itz orignal box whn came frm u.s.a

menz newwwwwwwww tha now i m using this last 25+ days or more.......