Dell Inspiron 1525

I got a Dell Inspiron 1525 for Sale


1.66 Dual Core

1Gb Ram

120 Gb HDD

Blue Tooth


Remote Control

Black Matte Colour

In Warranty - Probally one or two months

Excellent Condition

Got Every Thing Included From BOX to Manual to CDs.

Open to Offers

how about bettery timing

6 cells or 3

and what about wifi

this model usually comes with 6 cell battery, and today wifi is an obvious thing in any laptop, so it must have it.

brother tell us your demand and location

I m located in Islamabad. Reason for Selling:- I bought A Sony Vaio & Apple !

Well Battery timings isnot good. Just manages over 1 Hours unless and unless you lower the brightness and dont play any movie etc so you cant go above 1 Hour .

This is the only bad part. Rest I got no clue whcih battery do it got But never heard abt 3 so it wud be 6 since 9 is extended I guess

I m looking for some thing around 42 !

20,000 rs net cash wiretransfer or payment within next 24 hours.

if my bid is ok let me know bro :)

what is your demand bro.

as battery timing is bad, i think you shouldn't expect huge money .

is laptop still available?

Its Still Available. Highest Bid i have recieved so far is of 35 k. I will sell it to highest bidder by Monday!

Well...I can match 35k (if condition is as you described) but I am in Lahore.

If your other offer doesnt go through let me know.

Daneel Olivaaw !

I can deliver via daewoo. Is it the maximum you can offer or if you drop me your contact number I will contact you before giving it off?

Secondly, It got warantyy till last week of April!

got four offers from Lahore. I am MORE interested in Handing over Locally!

Hello i m in Islamabad, I just sent you my number: please contact me as early as possible.

ennay ?

hello dear punk hp u will b f9 i m seding my cell number brother if ur laptop is still there kindly contect me



you should reduce the price by 30,000........

Well I sold this Laptop in Market for 35k. And the guy sold it for 40k In front of me


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Well I sold this Laptop in Market for 35k. And the guy sold it for 40k In front of me



i got this new at 60k

Wid Same Specs?

Did not yew got it lil High. I thought brand new is for 50 some thing

^ no mine has core2duo,,,2ghz,,3gb,,opitical drive dual layer ,,250gb hard disk,, 2mp camera ,, and it is above 60k man!

specs like ur one is 54k

Then I Sold it at fine price. My one was 1.3 too!

Yew opted for a better option to spend 6 k more and get a better machine!

But do keep care of this machine. It get scratches very easily