Dell Axim x30

Dell Axim x30 for sale. With charger and data cable. Its the 312Mhz version with BT and WiFi.

price ????

Not sure what price to set. What will you offer?

5k would b oke


he offered you Rs 5000 was pretty expensive when I bought it....anyway....more offers plz...

it's not a car, it's a pocket PC which is 5 years old ! i think 5k is a reasonable offer. use selling it at this rather keep it....

for how much did you buy it?

around $300

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well…no use selling it at this price…id rather keep it…

trust me, you’d be better off selling it, because within the passage of time, this “device” of yours will get outdated and you’ll only get peanuts for it or throw it in the dustbin, and then, you’d be regretting for not selling it at a good price. so it’s better if you sell it for the price you’re getting :)

dnt sell it at that price give it to ur sibling or cousins coz theres still alot they can do with it.