Dell 1525 vs lg r500 which one is best


today was a tough day for me, because i was on a search for a good laptop for my friend. After visiting every laptop shop of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We concluded these laptops are best for their price and performance. the specs are:

Dell 1525

Processor 2.0 ghz T7250 (2mb cache)

Ram 3 GB (upto 4 gb)

HDD 250 GB

Graphix Intel 3100 integrated



Price 74 K (actually i also had a price of 68 k with 2 gb ram and no camera but i cannot trust those dubai plaza's sellers with only one or two new laptops in their shops)

LG R500

Processor 2.2 ghz T7500 (4mb cache)

Ram 2 gb (upto 2 gb)

HDD 250 gb

grapix geforce 8600


Display 15.4

Price 63 K

So its obvious that LG has so many pluses over Dell or HP in this price range. But the confusion is:

LG has maximum 2GB of ram but its processor has 4MB cache and dell has maximum 4GB of ram but 2MB cache with less clock speed then LG. So now what i should do?

basically what i want to know is that:

which one is better a 4mb cache with 2gb or a 2mb cache with 4gb ram?


buy dell

in fact you are second today to whom I am recommending dell


Go for the lg one coz extra 2gb ram wont make much of a difference


wait a minute... only cd-r with those beasts? couldn't you find any with combos if not dvd-dl-rw? vote goes to the dell, guessing from the model number (1525) it must be an inspiron right? the silver one? they are good machines with good built quality not to mention good looking too :) and the price isn't bad too.


sorry that is DVD R ..........

as LG official site is saying R500 can have upto 2GB of ram, but on this site it is mentioned that it support maximum 4GB

Also many peoples are suggesting to buy a HP 6720 its very cheap comparatively just 54000 Rs for c2d 2.0. so what do you guys say.


go for LG dude


the only fear about LG is:

Would its spare parts like battery, keyboard, screen will be available after 1 or 2 years on a local laptop repair shop for cheap. like dell and Hp have? otherwise no issue.


^ I also trust Dell for this reason. I would highly recommend dell for parts and accessories. LG laptop are a little new in Pakistani market and its spares might not be easily available.


brothers thanks for your kind suggestions, finally we have bought Sony Vaio NR 498 for 76k, it has same specs as the dell 1525 have.

The reason for buying this is the price difference was not so much and we preferred Sony for its good quality display.