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Hi can anyone guide me , i did my BBA from an institution which was not chartered , infact at that time there was no HEC at all in year 1999, at that time the private BBA was of total 66 credit hours, 7 years later i did MBA from the same institution at that time it was chartered, now i want to know will my BBA degree be attested as it doesnt meet the current credit hours requirement for HEC recognized degree.

Try it… Or ask the university from. Which you did the degree

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Yes you can go to the HEC direclty for verification of you degree.


AOA! I have submitted my transrcipt(B.E ELECTRICAL) for attestation to hec throgh OCS service on 29 April 2013, I think that was the worst decision I have ever made in my life ,It's almost more than one month when ever i check the status on OCS website they said my documents is out for HEC.In addition on HEC official website they said my status is in process. What Should I do know???I need attested transcript urgently in order to show during visa interview please do help me.What if I go to ISB directly to HEC ??Is my matter is resolved in a day???Thanks in advance


Hey guys!!! Will someone answer my upper post??????


Need helppppppppppp please????????


Let all the above posts be a lesson for people who want to get their degrees attested from HEC; NEVER EVER use the OCS option on HEC website, and NEVER EVER take an appointment otherwise you would rue the day you decided to get your degree attested.

Just fill the form from your house and go to the HEC Office in Islamabad the next day in person or send someone sensible with an authority letter and your degree would be attested in a day. But remember to be infront of the HEC office at 7:30 AM to be the first one in the queue. Coming in late would be detrimental to your cause.


Sorry bro, don’t know what to tell you. Call HEC and tell them your issue. Only they can help you now.


For everyone's benefit, I would like to share the news that HEC Lahore office has started attesting degrees from 3 june 2013, so no need now to go all the way to Islamabad if you are in Lahore or nearby cities, same goes true for HEC Peshawar office, refer to this link:


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