Dear Admins : Please dont close threads on your own will

Dear Asad,

Why did you closed the earlier thread "PTCL DSL Speed Paradox with Rapidshare" posted by myself.

I guess the question was not answered and for your information I did only post the question after browsing through the PTCL Sticky thread which you have mentioned.

How can I reply to the suggestions of the users and post my own results when the thread is closed for further postings.

Please do not close the thread based on your own understanding, as there could have been more useful input from certain users which could have been incorporated. The idea is not to have you assume that the question is sufficiently answered, but rather let the original initiator share his responses and opinions.

Any solution could have been found / discussed as more and more people read / experiment with their own settings.

Can you re-open the thread for further postings / or should I post the question again.

Regards and Thanks.

The PTCL sticky thread exists so all PTCL related information stays in one place. In your other thread Asad said: 'Use the sticky PTCL DSL thread for your query". That didn't just mean try to search through the thread and find an answer, but rather post your question in that thread so people can answer there.

The PTCL DSL Thread exists for all queries relating to PTCL DSL. You should have posted your query in that thread instead of making a new thread.

Thanks it is clarified now. I would post my query in the PTCL sticky.

But well the chances are maybe a bit low that anyone would browse to the last page of a long sticky thread just to read my dilemma instead of reading a new question.

Will try for it anyways.


whenever someone will open the thread, he will open the last page