DDR 3 mother board

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i need a little help for a stable mother board with DDR 3, i have searched the net and found a board by Intel DP45SG, but there r lot of threads on the net saying this board is unstable for the DDR 3 rams with high voltage like 1.6 or 1.7, so any guys have any idea which board is stable right now for DDR3?

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donot upgrade to ddr3 unless u r upgrading to core i7

I agree, upgrading to ddr3 without an i7 is stupidity cuz no matter what processor u have, it will not need any thing above ddr2-1066 unless of course, u get an i7

OK then which board and RAMS are the best with DDR2?

Try ASUS boards with Corsair XMS2 Ram (DDR2-800)



Im a Asus Fan too.. but i suggest you to go for MSI Motherboard's.

Get any P45 Chipset of MSI . Like Msi P45 Platinum. depends on Your budget.