DC vs AC for solar system


I am currently using 2 solar panel 150 watts and ep solar 20A charge controller with homeage ups and 1 battery 200 amp AGS. The main issue is that some times we have long blackouts as its a ruler area. Now in morning that would work…or we can easly increase solar panels (can we really increase with my current charge controller and 6mm dc wire) but at night thats an issue. So the soulution that i have deviced is to convert cealing fans and lights to dc whiich is main load. There are 2 fans 1 is 55 feet away from battery 2nd fan is 80 feet away. Now what wire should i use…or should i convert to dc or not…where can i buy good quality dc fan…and wire …better if avalible online. Another idea could be to increase battery size but then…batteies have to be replaced evry 2 years and then there is the issue of mising old and new batteies. I guess i have already asked alot of questions.


here is my suggestion based on experience.

we were having honda generator for about last 4 or 5 years, we were happy with that unless gas blackout started to appear from nowhere in our area (Naudero, Larkana). So we started to face generator shutdown when there was no gas.

Then my brother bought One 200amps battery, changed AC fans (about 4 fans has been changed and still plans to have 3 more) to AC/DC fans (yes you can find them easily in the market, they run on both AC and DC, Bonus is that your fan will be switched to AC if its running on DC during power outage, so peace of mind!!) and also bought 12v LED lights. Dont go for 12v LED bulbs because they are not stable and have flicker problem.

So total cost was around 1 lac rupees (may be less than that), and believe me we run that setup for 24 hours during power blackout in our area, and still more juice was remaining.

So my suggestion would be to go for 12v setup, you will have to bear expense one time but your life will be in total peace.


Thanks for your guidance. I am quite convinced that i should shift to dc system. What brand of fan are u using, its price and have u changed the wiring for this fan. Does this fan run on dc when u have electricity and convert to ac when there is load shedding? U suggest that we use ac lights rather than dc light?