Customized/Bulk SMS solutions

Our university sometimes sends alerts to students and staff through SMS. Since they use a single phone to send the message to all contacts, it takes a lot of time for the message to reach everyone. I was wondering if mobile phone service providers offer customized SMS solutions for sending messages in bulk. This kind of service would also be useful in other scenarios. All you would have to do is type your SMS online using their service and click the send button. This would ensure that people get their messges quickly.

What are your thoughts and information about this?

Seems an easy way to send spam sms...

Well, after I posted this message, I searched for this kind of service. Telenor has one such service called "Corporate SMS."

other leading OPs are also providing the SMS solutions for Corporate and Business sectors. not remember the other urls but I was recently with mobilink's one

There are many companies providing sms-marketing software too.

If your university has a Software Department they can make one with ease. I forgot the device name, some kinda modem, which you can configure with your application on PC and can sms much faster than mobile phones. You will neead a SIM in the device too.

Yup, Telenor do offer this. There are alot of websites dedicated to provide this service.