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plesis was out of scene for so many matches.. he performed well.






so he merged funny pix thread into this one?


Just to let you all know, Cricistan is going to show free super HD (ad free) stream of both the semi finals, as well as finals (if pak reach) to its registered members, as before.


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Is this real or edited pic? I mean did india media said this? If yes then #$%# them. Lols loosers retard basterds…

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It seems fake.


^^It's a meme... anyway Plessis is a new "Curse" for Indian these days.

and they will be saying like this... "راستہ کاٹ گیا سالا، اور ساری محنت پر پانی پھیر دیا" :P


yar you people have eyes or "bantay"?

The pic is definitely fake, the text below and the reporter in the image. I remember that is from the mumbai attack scene. Ajmal qasab story.


And that is Taaj hotel behind her, right?



Yuvraj after winning>>> :angry:

And after losing>>> :P


Today we'll go trough clever Lankans (Inshallah), and in the final, their will be Watson aka "one man army" eleven again, and If he fires this time, then I'm afraid our chances will be slim.


“They say it's a batsman’s game, but its not. It's about having wicket-takers. That's why Pakistan are always dangerous..."

Nasser Hussein




exactly.. he doesn't deserve to come at 1st


But he made the match by his first over :)


But his batting doesn't click, he should give jamsheed a chance.


Chasing today against Sri Lanka :S


Hafeez living a dangerous life.