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lol now pray for India defeat with a low run rate. Only then our Pepsi Stars can go in semi finals.


India will now need to beat South Africa by 31 runs or by 24 balls to spare to go ahead of Pak's Net Run Rate.


In another news its being reported that Pakistani spinner Abdul Rehman tested positive in dope test during county season in England. May be he will also be facing a two year ban just like Shoaib Akhtar and Asif.


^I don't think so. they can achieve it. they will be trashed and we'll go trough.... yesterday couple of bad decisions gave them an edge. i.e. betting first, and our players have a tendency to get in pressure against Indians in worldcup.

P.S. Kohli and Sehwag are sent home, to rest and watch the others to be demolished. :P


If they managed 150 somehow, it could be dangerous for us :S


The target is 153... but for us it is 122 ;)


Surely a tough chase... as SA damn care, he has nothing to gain or loose so WHO CARES? That can go against us......


Faf Plessis do care :P . That guy is playing his best inning tonight....Good work!. Now October 4, PAK vs SRI at Colombo, I'm feeling it now. ;)


The job is done!.... And now who ever win, we don't care :D We're now trough ;) , and the next target is Lankans at their home ground. B)


Safricans lost, but they played bravely unlike how Pakis did on Sunday. That's called jazba!


You know their top order played worst then us :) ... but from no where that Plessis guy came, and did the job for us!!!


South Africa, ab beshuk tum jeeto ya haaro humain tum se pyaar hay :D


4th Consecutive Semi Finalist Pakistan, and I guess only team to play all semifinals of T20 Worldcups?






Nice Win.. loved to see Indians crying.


Scenes Of joy when indians started to cry :-) we won despite losing to india in T20 World Cup :-P so now every one celebrating how we done it.

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Not only crying but, I believe millions of Indians are also cursing Plessis tonight. 65 off 38, what he has done was, just like Nasir had done against Aussies. without these 2 innings there might've been no Semi for us.


What if the results were otherwise.......


^Then we might've been cursing Indians right now, Or our own team once more, for the lost against Indian, which created all this drama. ;)