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[quote=“Imran, post:818, topic:10872”] is best link for watching Sky Sports HD stream without buffering issues.

Yesterday I enjoyed Pak vs South Africa match on this link.


Thanks ALot man , this one rocks…

20k internets to you… :D


For live streaming


Afridi showed his 'oukat' again... -_-


Way too many frickin' ads... :(




And this is the reason why i don't watch pak-india matches anymore...


I don't know why we even count Afridi as batsman?


Nalaat not only on Afridi but all the batsmen who played.Ajmal won't win the matches for us all the time.


Now the only hope is to beat the mighty Australians, OR their is still......a chance to go through without winning it. ;)


Again Pakistan Showed Its Nation That We Wont Won Any Match Against India In Any World Cup... India Unbeaton On World Cups Against Pakistan.. PaKistan Never Beat Indians In World Cup... So All The Team Got #$%^ aGain... :)


lol Guyz start watching Pakistans women cricked team. Yesterday they have beaten India by 1 run.

On the serious note when they sent Afridi at one down position, it showed their planing and strategy.

And Razzaq is much better compared to Yasir Arafat. Yesterday Yuvrajs performance proved that Razzaq can also play if given chance.

And again its proven that our team has no balls to catch cricket ball.


they lose like it was fixed already


^ yeah it was looking a fixed match... Now Pray for Todays Match That we lost it too No and come back home :) They dont have any chance against the mighty aussies after the badass performance against india...

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Throw these morons out of pak team...i hope they loose tomorrow ,packup and come back.We won't waste out time on them anymore.. worldcup will be end for us.


what a shameful performance from these.............Mental midgets!


oh way to loose today's match.. :D


Lets see... They play crappy against india... But somehow they manage to play decently against the aussies... What to think of it? :rolleyes:

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Great!!! mighty Australians are beaten, now just one good luck and we're trough. :P . Watson was poisoned this time I guess :D


whats going on?why did they lose to loosy indians.Look how did they play against Australians


lol they were Shoaib Maliks in laws. "Sala adha ghar wala"