Cricket Grounds available for rent / use in Karachi?

I am trying to setup a annual cricket match for my extended family and friends here in Karachi this December, and I am looking for a cricket pitch (preferably grass) which I could possibly rent for a day to use as a venue for cricket match (obviously) and a picnic. Do you know of any places that an ordinary citizen would be able to rent a ground?

My basic requirement is that the ground be within the city limits of Karachi as transporting 40+ people to, for example, the Arabian Sea Country Club is a hassle that I am not willing to deal with.

Note: We plan on playing with a proper leather ball, so obviously large plots surrounded by homes are not ideal.

I think you can rent Ashgar Ali Shah Stadium Block C, North Nazimabad, near Inter Board Office and KDA Chowarangi.

Aga Khan Sports club?

Pak steel cricket ground located in Pak steel township. But you already mentioned not willing to travel to Arabian sea Country club, so it might not be feasible for you. its a nice picnic spot if you are willing to come.

Sorry I am from Punjab........... hehehehe