Credit Card Cancellation


What is the procedure to cancel a credit card?

Anyone knows In particular of UBL? They send credit card again ... even after the term expires and you dont re-order (which is sick!)


Actually all banks, International and local, do the same. Your new card arrives before the old one arrives. Just cut it into two and send it to customer services requesting them to cancel the card. That is all there is to it.


you must call bank and ask for cancellation and note date and person name for future. It is best to write a letter with cut card and get acknowledgment when you submit the card. Make sure they cancelled card by calling thier help line.


After a week or so they replied on email (I called them as well, twice). Cut the card in two, a letter, in envelope and then in drop box.

Lets hope they don't send me service charges for Cancellation :)

Nothing can be done on Helpline for cancellation (atleast for UBL)

PS: my 6th sense tells that I would have to pay some amount for the cancellation!!

EDIT(1): my card was never activated, so no need to block it too...