Crazy Guy Shoots His iPhone

Great thats how all the iShits treated and by the way in iphone 3g S, S means #$%#


but I'll blame Apple and its policies. I'll not blame their products in any way. they have such a top classed products. but their Policies are not supposed to be like they are.

and so the people love its products but only they can't afford is, its more than enough strict policies to use their products.

and who, which are not mad enough to shoot their much expensive device, just jailbreak it.

and yes there is no need to ask "WHY?" to Apple that "why they are very much strict in their policies". They should exactly Sell their products and get lost.

and no one should care about that when there are options like Jailbreak for the users. they only get in the place because of Apple's strict policies to use their products.

It's stupidity of Apple that they first sell their device at so much cost and after that they restrict their customers to use them in terms on Apple itself.No Way :/

but shoot my device like this. also No Way :/

nice man

the first bullet didnt pass thru the back cover..

so i guess it can save a person's life if he was shot by a 9mm gun and the bullet hits him on his pocket which has iphone.........

no dude it crossed the iphone notice the bullet when it passes and hit the stem on the first fire